New Castle, Colorado

Nestled below the high mountain forests of the Rocky Mountains is the historic town of New Castle. Rich in the history of Colorado, New Castle is the home of Lakota Canyon Ranch and Golf Course.

Lakota Canyon Ranch is a picturesque confluence of mountains, breath taking views, and a unique seclusion with uncharacteristic access to services. Now the home of a new spectacular James Engh golf course, Lakota Canyon Ranch offers an intriguing combination of residential community and world class golf experience. Lakota Canyon Ranch Golf Club is the recipient of many national awards and top rankings. By Go!(Travel and Leisure, Golf Magazine, Golf Digest and Golf Week Magazine

James Engh has proven himself to be one of Americas top golf course designers. He has won "Best new golf course in America" for his Sanctuary course in Castle Rock, Colorado and his course at Redlands Mesa. Jim has been called by Colorado Avid Golfer Magazine. "Americas' hottest new golf course designer", and was awarded "2003 Designer of the Year", by Golf Digest.

In balance with the natural environment, a commitment of architectural continuity will be preserved throughout the Lakota Canyon Ranch property. It is important that each homeowner has an opportunity to understand and embrace this commitment of spirit, history and environment.

The Colorado mountains have over the development of our country reflected an architecture sensitive to the environment, producing structures built and decorated with the region's natural resources.

The Mountain style of architecture is a harmony of the great natural beauty of the environment and the inevitable and logical combination of local craftsmanship traditions and readily available indigenous materials. It is architecture with a special intrinsic approach to the natural surroundings, spawned from the picturesque natural beauty of wooded mountains and the vistas of mountain peaks. In an atmosphere of roaring rivers and High Mountain lakes it has emerged as a spectacular form of refined architecture.

It is the goal of Lakota Canyon Ranch to develop the community with an architectural style consistent with the mountain lifestyle. Breath taking views exemplify the unique and special qualities of this prope1iy and together with a commitment to preserve the natural environment; Lakota Canyon Ranch offers a select opportunity to have a home in this majestic and spectacular setting.

These Design Guidelines are a supplement to the Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions of Lakota Canyon Ranch. They apply to the property, homes and improvements of the Lakota Canyon Ranch Home Owners Association. Their intent is to assure that all development respects the natural beauty and sensitive environment of Lakota Canyon Ranch including the surrounding mountain setting and spirit.

It is further the intent of these guidelines to help each homeowner to achieve their desired home while being a responsible owner in Lakota Canyon Ranch and of the Town of New Castle.